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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yup. This too.

I love where I live.  I don’t know if that is due to my zodiac sign (Cancer/water lover) or the fact that I grew up spending summers swimming on a lake in our home town.  Whatever the reason, the sea massages my spirit and makes me feel whole.  Though I’ve lived within a 10-minute driving distance to the ocean for my entire married life, it never gets old and I can’t stay away for long. 

Prior to 2009, though, it wasn’t in the picture, ahem, that I would have so much time to spend walking and absorbing the ebb and flow, breathing in the rush of the tides and rippling marsh grass around me.  Things changed  early that year though, and I found myself with lots of free time, a yearning to write my brains out, and the need to walk and walk and walk to clear my muddled head. 

I started bringing the camera on those trips, photographing what I intended to write about later, and including the best of the results on my writing blog, Middle Passages.  On tough word days, the photos even became a way to post when the right sentences floated beyond my brain. That didn’t matter though, because my readers liked the pictures and asked to see more. So, at the encouragement of many, I’ve created LCS Prints   Through this outlet, several of my favorite photos are now offered mounted on 5”x7” blank greeting cards.
So here I am. I’ve got a Paypal account, a Facebook Fanpage, and a new blog. That’s in addition to LCS Writes  and my part-time job at the cheese shop.  Our dining room table is covered with boxes containing an inventory of scenic pictures.  Sometimes I look at that table and wonder how I’m going to manage it all.

But here’s the thing.  At the end of my first-ever Middle Passages blog post, my hands continued to tremble with aftershocks a mere eighteen hours after my employment of 23 years disappeared in a seismic shift. In spite of my state of distress, that first piece had poured off my fingers.  Slightly in awe of myself, I wrote:  “I can do this.” 

This time I’ve had a little more time to plan.

Introducing LCS Prints.  I can do this, too.